Is public speaking part of your Personal Brand-building strategy?

No? Well, it should be.

Public speaking opportunities, like guesting on podcasts or presenting to a networking group are fantastic ways to get you and your business known and to build your personal brand.

Better still if you can get on a stage and speak to an audience not only do you increase your reputation as the go-to person in your industry, but you build your Personal Brand. And as my Speaking About Speaking guest, keynote speaker, author and marketing master, Mark Schaefer says ‘Personal brand is Everything!’ YOU become KNOWN.


Oh no, no, no…’ I hear you say, backing away… Man with hair sticking up and hands to face looking scared‘Speaking in front of an audience is my idea of HELL. My legs would visibly wobble, my voice would disappear, the back row would hear my heart beating and I’d throw up on the front row!’

But here’s the thing, you’re not alone.

It’s a well-known fact that 73% of the population is Glossophobic, i.e., afraid of speaking in public. So, stop worrying about worrying!


Plus, the more you speak, the better you get and the easier it becomes. Steven Bartlett says, and I paraphrase…

‘Do what scares you most and then keep doing it!’

I know this to be true because I was terrified.

I was great at getting on stage and playing a character but asked to speak without a script as plain ol’ Jackie Goddard and I was a quivering mess.

I had to force myself outside my comfort zone because I knew it was the only way I was going to become KNOWN, and I kept doing it until eventually the feeling of fear became one of excitement and now, I love it!


Ben Francis MBE, the founder, and CEO of Gymshark (whose leadership team I had the pleasure of working with) knows the value of public speaking as part of his Personal Brand and the company’s building strategy.


Gymshark founder, Ben Francis, MBE speaking to an audience

Gymshark founder, Ben Francis MBE

In the early days, when he was required to speak to promote his business, Ben was nervous and felt awkward. He noticed these feelings were being mirrored by his audience and so he decided to learn the art of public speaking. He took responsibility and as a result, has 100’s of thousands of followers on social media and a billion-dollar business.


Be More Ben!

Be more Ben and learn the art of crafting an engaging and entertaining talk and speaking to an audience.

My Speak Like a Speaker Group Programme starts live on Zoom on 6 November.

There are only 8 places which means not only will you have the support of the group, but there’s space for individual attention from me too.

Of course, it also means there are only 8 opportunities to be part of this exciting programme.


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