Speak Like a Speaker,

the group programme

The next programme starts Monday 6 November

For confident communication and powerful presentations.

Impact, influence and inspire with storytelling for sales, networking, and social media marketing. 

Develop your confidence and get comfortable with presenting in public and speaking to your audience.

Who’s it for?
Business owners or employees who want to present or speak with clarity and confidence.
To build trust, and credibility and to be seen as an authority. Increase your influence and impact. Share ideas, sell a product, and promote and develop your all-important personal brand.
What is it?
A six-week programme of weekly 90-minute online sessions.
Open to only 8 like-minded individuals, this will be a safe space to develop your speaking and presentation skills.
When is it?
It starts Monday 6 November and runs for 6 consecutive Mondays,
12.30 -2 pm.
What does it cost?
For your £490 ($595)  investment you get public speaking confidence and clarity and will be performance ready and excited to speak to your audience.

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Not only will you have the opportunity to practise, perform and get feedback from each other and industry professional, Jackie Goddard but by the end of the course will you have produced and performed a 10-minute presentation. You will be ready and excited to take on the world!



The Programme

Week 1

The 3 B’s – Believe. Breathe. Be Prepared.

The mechanics of the voice and breath.

Break out and group discussion. What is confidence? Where does it come from and why do you need it?

Action – Prepare a 3-minute introduction.


Week 2

Present 3 min talk – feedback.

The flow, objectives and story.

Break out and group discussion. Who is the audience, why are they important and why should they listen to you?

Action – Use the flow chart to structure your final showcase talk.


Week 3


How we say what we say – pitch and tone.

Break out and group discussion. The take-off and landing. Start with a bang, finish with a flourish.

Action – Craft your take-off and landing.


Week 4

Your talk so far – record and review. Feedback.

Delivery – how do you sound how do you look?

Break out and group discussion.  Clarity. Are you understood? Story vs. data.

Action – Add your deck


Week 5

Nerves. Why do you have them? Can you get rid of them – should you?

Mental preparation and body language.

Break out and group discussion. How do you feel?

Action – Present your talk to an actual person!


Week 6

Final showcase and feedback

Peer feedback

Break out and group discussion. What did we learn? Next steps.

Action – Celebrate!

PLUS, each week will incorporate a physical and vocal warm-up and a short speaking exercise. There will also be a break-out room session so you can get to know each other better and discuss the process.

For your £490 ($595) investment, you get public speaking confidence and clarity and will be performance ready and excited to speak to your audience.