A one-hour consultation to discuss your content and delivery and get advice on how to prepare your presentation for maximum impact.

So, if you…

  • have a presentation ready to go and need a professional, non judgemental ear.
  • want some advice on where to start your speaker journey.
  • need some tips and tools to help get you in front of your audience.

…the Power Hour is an opportunity to brainstorm, experiment and/or practice in a safe and supportive environment and get constructive feedback.

Face-to-face or online.

Investment: £198

“I had a power hour with Jackie before a keynote talk at a big event. Jackie started me off with some breathing exercises before I ran through my talk in full, using her as the audience.
The run-through was a useful process in itself, but the game-changer was the feedback she gave me afterwards. Her encouraging, practical and constructive comments have improved the structure and flow of my talk and given me the confidence to deliver my best performance.”  Sarah Townsend, Author.