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Talking to entrepreneurs, business and thought leaders about their journey and how they discovered the POWER TO SPEAK. Surprising answers, inspiring stories.

Motivational, Inspirational and educational.

How did they get here, what did they learn and how can they empower you to do the same?

I have been inspired, educated, and enthused by every person I’ve interviewed. Enjoy!

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Speaking About Speaking, the live stream.

Learn how to become a sought-after keynote speaker, by mastering the art of public speaking.

‘How do I earn money from speaking?’ ‘Should I use a script?’ ‘How important are personal stories?’

These are a few of the FAQs I always get as a speaking coach. So, I decided to ask other speakers and speaking coaches to see how they’d answer them. And then I thought why not record those conversations LIVE so you can hear their answers too?

And so, drum roll…. 🥁

Speaking About Speaking (S.A.S.) is a weekly opportunity for me and another fabulous speaker or speaker coach to discuss all things speaking.

Find the replays on the Power To Speak YouTube Channel.

Image of guest, Mark Masters and the title YOU are the media Part 1

Mark tells me how not getting picked at school led to the You Are The Media community.

In part 2 of our conversation Mark and I discuss Homophily, speakers and building spaces.

image of guest Mark Schaefer and the title Personal Brand is Everything

Mark shares his insights in becoming KNOWN, storytelling and how to get paid for speaking.

Images of Jackie Goddard and Ella Orr and the caption The Risk You Take By Showing Up!

Ella and I discuss the risk to your personal brand when you show up on social media.