What does Jackie talk about?

Dynamic, informative, and entertaining, my talks help transform your business into a confident, creative, joyful, and resilient powerhouse!


Jackie captivated us all for an hour and a half. She intertwined stories of her fascinating career with the presentation and gave us actionable tips of the 3 B’s; Believe, Breathe and Be prepared.

I highly recommend Jackie if you need performance coaching, that’s if she can find time between training stunt doubles for movies!

Gemma Johnson, Brand Specialist


I love to talk about…

  • Powerful techniques to master public speaking and communication confidence, transforming nervousness into compelling presentations that captivate any audience.
  • The secrets to unleashing creativity, sparking innovation and fostering a culture of original thinking within your team.
  • Practical strategies to infuse joy into the workplace, creating an environment where enthusiasm and collaboration thrive.
  • Resilience strategies to navigate challenges, ensuring long-term success and growth.






Why Jackie?


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