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Personal Brand is Personal – It’s All About YOU.

As long as you show up as the same person whether online or in real life, you’ll create a personal brand that’s aligned with your values and is congruent with your personality. Don't try to be somebody you think you should be or use language that isn't yours. You’ll be certain to get caught out...

Even Stuntmen Need to Know How to Speak Confidently

Even when you’re a stunt performer you can’t get away from that 60-second elevator pitch! The competition is fierce out there not just for them but for us all! So, consider these things when you are putting together your networking intro...

How do influence, impact and inspire an audience?

CEO of the mega-successful brand, Gymshark, Ben Francis has gone out of his way to learn the art of public speaking and become a better communicator. As his company became more successful, he was required to step in front of an audience...


The performance, i.e., your talk, your job, your life, is the culmination of all these processes – warm-up, exercise, play, and character. When utilised properly they build confidence, resilience, empathy, and focus.

Taking responsibility positions you in the eyes of others.

If people are going to buy from you, then you need to be accountable for your actions. A slick company video with seamless transitions and a well-rehearsed commentary may satisfy your shareholders, yourself and make competitors slightly jealous, but it’s just aesthetics.