You are your USP

Find your story, your voice, your authenticity.

For business leaders and entrepreneurs who need find their Personal Brand story.

Content and script development. Training in voice and performance.


This programme will work with you to uncover your story and why it’s important to your brand. Plus, it will teach you the techniques needed to share it with confidence.

You are your USP – unique, and it’s your story that makes you that way, so, knowing what your motivation for sharing your story is, and who you are speaking to, will enable you to know what and how much of it to share.

Presenting your story with excitement, confidence, and authority, enables you to create Impact, builds your Influence and ability to inspire those who matter.

Your audience is as interested in the people behind a business, as they are in what they do: showing up personally and with personality inspires confidence in you as an individual and in your team.

By the end of this programme, not only will you have your story straight, but you’ll also have a set of transferrable skills and gained a self-awareness and an inner power that can elicit respect, authority, and trust from those around you.


You have an amazing product (idea or message) you want to share with the world, but you don’ know where to start. You know the world needs your service, your idea, your brand, but you’re afraid you don’t have anything to say.

A lack of authority and understanding of your brand story, and how to tell it, can leave you feeling uncomfortable – imagine what that does for your potential customers.

Now you are under pressure from stakeholders. Lack of a credible and relatable brand story means your bid to engage with your audience begins to falter. You lose confidence and custom.


Find your story and learn how to tell it with confidence and authenticity. Develop your presentation skills to be polished and authentic to your brand values and have content that is clear, succinct, and relevant.  Develop the power to speak to your audience for Impact, Influence, and to inspire.


Our initial sessions will be about clarity of message. We’ll look at your content and dig beneath the surface of who you are and how it relates to your brand and to your audience. We will discuss how and where you’ll tell your story. Your intention and motivation behind telling it and why your audience should care.

Your voice is your greatest tool, so we’ll look at how to use pitch, tone, and vocal variety to enhance your speech and how to use your breath to project comfortably whether in a virtual or human world, in front of customers, investors or your network.

What we’ll cover:

  1. Who are you and why is it important to your audience (client/ customer)?
  2. Who is the audience and why they are important?
  3. The content. Make sure it’s clear, exciting and aligns with your brand values.
  4. The delivery. How do you sound and how do you look?

What you’ll get:

  • 8 x 1 hour 1-2-1 face time (Zoom or in person)
  • Set guided independent learning (i.e., homework)
  • Written and verbal feedback.
  • Email access between sessions.
  • Access to my resources and network where applicable.

By the time it comes to telling your story you’ll know it so well that you’ll be confident and excited to share it no matter how intimidating the audience.

Investment:  £1200

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