signature talk will dramatically strengthen your brand, set you apart from the competition and position you as the go-to expert in your field.

It’s an essential tool in personal branding. Professionals are being compelled to have one – like a book or a podcast. If you can deliver an inspiring talk, you build your personal brand. Helpful whether you’re employed or an entrepreneur.

A signature talk is an authority stamp which when delivered expertly, establishes you as an expert in your subject and builds likability, authority, trust, and connection with your audience.

And the bonus is you learn it once and repeat it many times. A learned and valuable skill.

What could this investment buy you? A T.E.D. talk. Paid speaking engagements. Celebrity. Your personal brand ratings are through the roof!

Knowing what your motivation for sharing is and who you are speaking to will enable you to know what and how much of your story to share. This programme from Power To Speak will uncover the stories at the heart of what you have to share with the world and get you excited about sharing with an audience.

Presenting your signature talk with excitement, confidence, and authority, enables you to create an Impact, build your Influence and inspire those who matter.

Imagine having this tool in your back pocket ready prepared, rehearsed, practised, and refined after feedback from critical friends. (i.e., your fellow learners in the Speak Like a Speaker Mastermind community).  You’ll know it creates the impact you want…all you’ll need at the end of the Masterclass Programme are the opportunities to deliver it!

So, why don’t you have one?

You have an amazing story, an inspiring idea, an important message you know the world needs to hear, but you’re afraid of speaking in public and feel daunted and overwhelmed by the task of creating the content.

This fear and overwhelm mean you are missing great opportunities for yourself and your business. It’s stopping you from filling your full potential and holding you back from sharing your knowledge and gifts with the world.


Create a unique signature talk that you are confident and excited to share. A signature talk that you won’t forget or stumble over because its content is drawn from your own experiences.

A signature talk that’s a transformation from fear of faltering on stage to confident, authoritative, authentic delivery – and one that’ll have you being mobbed once you come off stage.

Programme Content

You will build your Signature Talk over 12 weeks; week by week, you’ll uncover more and more of what tells the story of Brand You, how to share it excitedly and why your audience will care.

Your voice is your greatest tool.  You’ll develop the same skills as stage and screen A-listers. Learn to use your voice, your breath, pitch tone, vocal variety – all tools of the acting profession where I learned my art.

Sessions will include:
  • The vision and desired outcome for the talk.
  • Who is the audience and why they are important?
  • Creating the content. Making sure it’s clear and exciting.
  • Clarifying the support materials – (slides etc.) How to present them for the greatest impact.
  • Work on delivery. How you sound and how you look.
  • Practice, dress rehearsal and feedback!

By the time it comes to performing your presentation you’ll know it so well that you’ll be confident and excited to share your story and your idea no matter how intimidating the audience.


Power To Speak, the Mastermind.

Also included in the programme is membership of the Speak Like a Speaker Speaker Club. This is an opportunity to attend monthly group meetings where you can discuss the process and your experiences within a safe and supportive environment, as well as rehearse with real humans!

The Signature Talk Masterclass. 
Investment:  £1800 



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